T-Mobile Redesign

A website redesign to improve the plan purchasing experience. I initially found this site difficult to navigate, and spent a long time trying to get to a comparison of prepaid plans.

Original browing experience

Surface Analysis

I analyzed the browsing experience to search for inefficiencies and possible improvements.

Landing page & main plans page:

• The landing page was one full-bleed image after another, which was overwhelming and confusing. The different image captions had nothing in common. 

• The plans site advertised their plan T-Mobile ONE, but it was unclear if this was the only plan that could be purchased. 

Prepaid plans:

• A plan comparison wasn’t immediately available and hard to find. It existed only as a PDF document that the user was redirected to, and from which they couldn’t exit.


I identified three different personas to guide me through the design process as I analyzed the site and tested possible solutions. These were helpful to understand the different user paths that someone might take through the site.

• A family who wants to purchase an unlimited plan and phones for everyone, preferably with a deal. 

• A young professional who lost their phone and is browsing new contracts.

• An adult looking to eliminate contract complications and go prepaid.

I then identified people who were in the age-group of these personas and conducted six user tests. In order to visualize the issues that users were facing, I made three different task analysis (one per case).


The issues that surfaced were:

• Cluttered and confusing design. Repeated information and dead ends abounded.

• Unclear that T-Mobile had only one plan, while prepaid plans were hard to access.

• Comparison of plans only accessible as a PDF file after a maze of links.

• Unclear that deals could only be purchased in stores.


The new browsing experience needed to have a decluttered design, clear understanding of plan structure, easier compatibility testing, easier access to plan comparison,  and forthcoming language for store-only deals.

New browsing experience:

Landing page:

• Decluttered the interface: No two full-bleed images together, more white-space, images stand on their own.

• Simplified plan access: Access to both contract and prepaid plans through the navigation menu, clear acknowledgement that there is only one, unlimited contract plan.

Contract and Prepaid pages:

• Improved compatibility testing: Allow users to do a compatibility test without going to a different page.
• Improved plan comparison: Comparison on the first page of prepaid plans instead of on PDF file.

Further steps

• The realization that deals couldn’t be purchased online and that this was creating a lot of frustration among users came only after user tests. Realizing the design solution for this challenge was beyond the scope of this two-week project, but one idea was to create a checkout system that would print out a ticket one could bring to the store. That way, even if the business side decided against allowing users to purchase deals on the site, at least the process could be simplified and the website more useful.